lacaset siah : far away box

This is my cabinet of sky or my box of far away; lacaset siah allows for both these meanings.

A traditional collector’s cabinet of curiosities has many doors and drawers, and each contains remnants of nature or design. New fragments arrive; old fragments depart.

Welcome to my unsorted collection of discoveries. I’ll leave the doors open.

Over the years many people—librarians, archivists, curators, historians, specialists of all kinds, colleagues, relatives, friends—have generously shared their knowledge.

In these pages I can hand on their gifts and my own discoveries from years of research and writing. Some are topics that people regularly ask me about, such as the historical background of my books. Others, like the Chinook Trade Jargon of my page heading, are less travelled. 

Venture in, look around, borrow an idea, leave an idea.